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Zaxe E3D Brass Nozzle

V6 nozzles are designed to be used with the E3D V6 heater block. Modify your hotend to be able to print with small nozzle orifices to achieve fine details or larger nozzle orifice sizes for more substantial, stronger prints. Brass V6 nozzles are fully compatible with the Zaxe 3D printers.

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Other Spare Parts

40x40 Blower Fanduct Fan Z3/X3

12,99 *Excl. VAT

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Zaxe Z3 Magnetic PEI Sheet (Textured)

59,99 *Excl. VAT

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Zaxe X3 Magnetic PEI Sheet (Textured)

39,99 *Excl. VAT

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HEPA Filter Z1/Z3/X3

11,99 *Excl. VAT

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